Sarah+Sam | Film

When I launched my new biz at the end of January, the last giveaway was a portrait session done completely on film. To win the session, I had everyone who entered write about the reason (or reasons) they loved their spouse, significant other, etc. 
It was probably one of the hardest decisions I had to make because all of the entries were so adorable and sweet, but not only did both Sarah and Sam enter, they won my heart with their super sweet responses. 

From Sarah:

One of my favorite things I love about my husband, Sam, is his servant heart. One of the ways that blesses me the most that I see him practically walk this out, is through humbling himself and asking for forgiveness when we've had a disagreement. He is always the first one to come and humbly repent for his actions. This as you can image immediately breaks down my walls of pride and causes me to forgive and follow his leading and own up to my own part of our conflict. Without this key act of humility on his part it would be very hard for us to resolve conflict and thus forgo a life-giving, holistic marriage. He is a picture of Jesus and what He has done for me. :)

Another fun more "light-hearted" thing I love about Sam is that he always manages to make me laugh when i'm oh so determined to be set in my frustration about something or when feeling overwhelmingly emotional that day for some reason. :-P His silliness keeps life simple and refreshes me daily!

From Sam: 

The newest (and I say "newest" because I am constantly seeing, getting stuck on & discovering new things about her) thing that has been blowing my mind in my relationship with my wife Sarah is her ability to love me in my most selfish of times. As I look back on this first year of marriage, I see several times my heart beat for itself and not for her or anyone else. And yet what I remember most about those moments is the love she chose to give me. Such an amazingly selfless thing for her to do over and over, and THAT discovery (blessing) is what I am currently stuck on!

I had such a blast getting to know these two by grabbing coffee with them before their session and then having the privilege of capturing their sweet love. Sarah+Sam, y'all are precious!

Shot with: Mamiya 645 and Canon EOS 1-N
Film: Fuji400h