February Goals + Winner of Giveaway

January feels like such a whirlwind when I look back on it. We are already a month into the new year, and I can't even believe it! This year has been an exciting one thus far with some fun goal-setting and the launch of my new brand/business. 
Last month seemed so hectic and crazy and I didn't have a chance to share my goals with y'all, so I'm excited to be able to sit down and reflect on the things that I want to accomplish this month with J.Bird Photography and my personal life.

  • Rest and relaxation. With all the excitement that has taken place the past month, I feel like I haven't had the chance to really relax and allow myself to rest. One of my main goals this month is to find time for intentional rest--especially with wedding season just around the corner!
  • Have 2 sessions published on wedding blogs. Keep a lookout for the announcements about a couple of sessions being published! Including my first all-film styled session!
  • Shoot more film sessions. One of my goals for this whole year is to become a better film photographer. The only way to do that is by practice! My goal this month is to shoot on film on a regular basis whether it is an actual session or just something to get my creative juices flowing.
  • Finish up all January sessions, weddings, etc.
  • Build relationships. This is a goal that I believe I have written about before, but it is so important that I feel I need to remind myself again. We were meant to live in community, and my goal to have deep, meaningful relationships with other women so that we can encourage and challenge one another.
  • Run consistently. Will and I have been running with Rouge Running 3 mornings a week and it has completely changed how I feel. I have felt healthier than I have in a long time, and I don't want to get lazy and give that up! 


On Friday, I announced that I would be giving away one session on film. WELL, today I am so thrilled to announce the winners of the giveaway! It was so unbelievably hard to decide who would win this giveaway. Everyone that entered had such amazing, inspiring, wonderful answers to the questions "what do you love most about your spouse, fiancé, loved one, family, etc.?". I definitely shed some tears while reading a few of your responses, and those of you that nominated others, I can't even get over how precious your entries were.
Although it was an incredibly tough decision, Will and I both read the responses separately and wrote down who we thought should win, and we had the exact same people down.

SO...without further ado, the winners of the portrait session on film are: 

Here are their absolutely adorable, sweet responses (they also posted 3 adorable photos on Instagram): 

From Sarah: 

One of my favorite things I love about my husband, Sam, is his servant heart. One of the ways that blesses me the most that I see him practically walk this out, is through humbling himself and asking for forgiveness when we've had a disagreement. He is always the first one to come and humbly repent for his actions. This as you can image immediately breaks down my walls of pride and causes me to forgive and follow his leading and own up to my own part of our conflict. Without this key act of humility on his part it would be very hard for us to resolve conflict and thus forgo a life-giving, holistic marriage. He is a picture of Jesus and what He has done for me. :)

Another fun more "light-hearted" thing I love about Sam is that he always manages to make me laugh when i'm oh so determined to be set in my frustration about something or when feeling overwhelmingly emotional that day for some reason. :-P His silliness keeps life simple and refreshes me daily!

From Sam: 

The newest (and I say "newest" because I am constantly seeing, getting stuck on & discovering new things about her) thing that has been blowing my mind in my relationship with my wife Sarah is her ability to love me in my most selfish of times. As I look back on this first year of marriage, I see several times my heart beat for itself and not for her or anyone else. And yet what I remember most about those moments is the love she chose to give me. Such an amazingly selfless thing for her to do over and over, and THAT discovery (blessing) is what I am currently stuck on!

Congratulations you two! I will be contacting you shortly so we can schedule this super fun session!