December Goals


It is currently 80 degrees outside. How in the world is it December right now?! I am refusing to put away my boots and long sleeves in hopes of forcing the weather to get colder. This is unacceptable!

On a less frustrating note, November was a pretty great, yet slightly stressful month! I am so happy that the month ended with spending time with friends and family and doing absolutely nothing but eating a ton of turkey and sleeping. It was a time that both the hubs and I really needed. Going into December I have an excited yet anxious heart. December is full of celebrating birthdays (both mine and Will's and a couple of our close friends), the birth of our beautiful Savior, Jesus, and a year that is coming to an end. It also means getting one step closer to launching my new brand, new style, and whole separate business (read this blog post if you have no idea what I'm talking about!). If I am completely honest with myself, I am a little nervous (mixed with excitement of course!). Taking such a huge step of faith can be so scary, y'all! All in all, December is bound to be a wonderful month full of changes, challenges and beautiful celebrations. Bring it on, December!

November Goals

Continue building portfolio for new lifestyle approach
Start shooting more with my film camera
Get Christmas cards sent out
Blog before/after pics of house
Celebrate Thanksgiving with Will’s parents
Find a Christmas tree and decorate for Christmas
Shoot one wedding
Start getting rebranding ready to launch in January
Shoot a styled session

Have a “creative day” twice a month
Truly invest in my relationships

December Goals

Celebrate the wonderful, miraculous birth of our perfect Savior, JESUS! 
Shoot 4 sessions in Nashville. Tomorrow I leave for Nashville and will be doing 4 sessions for my new lifestyle approach! I am so excited to be capturing and doing what I am passionate about yet humbled that I get to photograph such amazing, beautiful people!
Celebrate my 24th birthday and Will's 27th birthday.
Create a routine schedule for n
ext year so I can  make time for what matters most. There is nothing I dislike more than realizing that I have spent my day on my business and neglected the people that I love. I am determined to make time for the things that matter the most in the years to come.
Prepare for the launch of my new brand and new business in January!
Shoot a styled session. 
Unfortunately, my styled session planned for November was rescheduled due to the awful weather we were having a couple of weeks ago. SO...I will be praying for absolutely ZERO rain on December 16th!
Relax! Just hanging out and doing nothing with family is a huge part of what this December is about. This year has been a nutso one, and next year will be even more so. I am so looking forward to spending quality time with the ones I love.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have set some super fabulous goals for December!