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Happy Birthday, Chris!


Today, my friends, is my older brother's 25th birthday! Although it's a huge bummer that I can't be with him on his day (him living in LA and all), I wanted to embarrass him a little and write a blog in honor of this wonderful day in history.

25 years. It's crazy to think that 15 years ago we were probably having a full on wrestling battle over the last honey bun in the freezer (yes, that really happened). So glad that our relationship (and maturity levels!) have progressed since then. Chris has definitely become a brother that I have no trouble being proud of. He never ceases to amaze me with his latest architectural adventure/project, and my mind is constantly blown by the things he can create. What this kid has accomplished in his 25 years is amazing to me. Even more than that, I am grateful for the relationship that Chris and I have and the kind, caring person that he is. There are many situations in my life that I probably wouldn't have made it through without him. I feel blessed that I can not only call Chris my brother, but one of my very very best friends.

Chris, here is to you and 25 years! I hope your day is absolutely wonderful. A celebration is a must when you come home for Christmas! Love you, bro!