October Goals

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October...one of the most wonderful months in my opinion. It's when I can start bringing out the fall scented candles, start looking up Thanksgiving and Christmas decor on Pinterest, and dream about the cooler weather that is hopefully right around the corner. I absolutely love this time of year. As I am sitting back and reflecting on September, I can't really believe that it is already over. It has been a crazy-exciting month full of adventures, firsts, and a lot of getting out of my comfort zone. I really had no idea what to expect going into September between filming my bio video, planning a styled session for the first time (the photo above is a sneak peek from the session!!), and kickstarting the rebranding. BUT...the last month was wonderful. I am so thankful for the challenges that I faced because they made me stronger in my craft and as a person, and I am thankful for the easier days so I could have a little bit of rest. I can't wait to see what the wonderful month of October has in store!

Completed September Goals

  • Have my bio video made
  • Get moving on rebranding
  • Complete Rigby’s puppy training
  • Finish editing August weddings/sessions
  • Photograph one wedding
  • Start building my portfolio for my new lifestyle approach
  • Blog before/after pics of our house
  • Start brainstorming a styled session

October Goals

  • Start building my portfolio for my new lifestyleapproach. I have made a few contacts and will hopefully start doing some sessions this month!
  • Blog before/after pics of our house.
  • Get a session published on a wedding blog. I have a session that has already been accepted, just waiting to hear when the publish date is!
  • Second shoot three weddings. I can't tell y'all how much I love second shooting weddings. Especially when it is for super sweet photographer friends!
  • Shoot my first senior session of the season! It is no secret that I adore senior sessions. I am so pumped that the fall is finally here and it's senior session season. I have some of the best clients ever this year, and I can't wait to photograph these beauties!
  • Brainstorm and coordinate another styled session.
  • Have a "creative day" twice a month. I know that some of you are probably thinking "but your job is a creative job!" and yes, that is definitely true at times, but after sitting at a computer for days on end, I can start to feel my creativity slowly leave me. I want to set aside two days a month where all I do is be creative. Whether that is photograph something that really spikes my creativity or do house projects, or paint, or just be crafty. I have found that I need days like this to keep me fresh.
  •  Truly invest in my relationships. I feel like sometimes I take the relationships that I have for granted. My goal this month is to truly invest, spend time with and get to know the people that I consider my friends.

What are some of your goals for October?