Anniversary Trip | Nashville

As I mentioned in my post about Hilary+Kenny, Will and I went to Nashville at the end of August (one week after our 2 year anniversary!) It was such a breath of fresh air to hang out with two of our dearest friends and have nothing on the agenda. We spent a lot of our first day sipping homemade sangria on their back porch...I could have stayed there forever.The week that we were in Nash also happened to be Hilary's birthday week which meant lots of fun and celebration the whole time we were there. We even went to an ice cream place called Jeni's twice (we are a little bit obsessed with ice cream). One of my favorite parts of the trip was going to a light exhibition that was held in a botanical gardens. Not only were the lights absolutely beautiful, but as we walked through the gardens, there was a live bluegrass band playing that we stopped and listened to. With the fireflies flying all around, I felt like I was in a romantic movie. It could not have been more perfect! Sweet time with sweet friends is just what Will and I needed before we started an incredibly busy time of year. I am so thankful for Hilary+Kenny and their hospitality and love. I'm thankful for good conversations, relaxing afternoons, homemade sangria, and realness. So so thankful for this perfect vacation!