Meet Our Best Friends | Hilary+Kenny

I have mentioned Hilary+Kenny multiple times on my blog, but today I am excited to introduce a blog that is all about them.At the end of August, Will and I had the opportunity to go visit these two in Nashville (I will be blogging more about the trip in a later post). It was such a refreshing time for us not only because it was strictly a "no work allowed" vacation, but also because we got to spend time with two of the people that mean the most to us. Kenny and Will have been friends since 5th grade, and Hilary and I became like sisters the second we met. We have been so blessed by the honest, real friendship of these two lovely people. I am so proud of how they have grown in the 2.5 years they have been married and the amazing things they are accomplishing. All that said...of course while we were in Nashville I had to take some photos of these two lovebirds. And before you even say it...yes, we do have the hottest best friends ever!

Happy Tuesday!