As I mentioned several months ago, I have been in the process of splitting my photography into two separate businesses. JCP will be the lifestyle side, and J.Bird Photography will be for the wedding side of things and all that includes (engagements, bridals, weddings). If I am completely honest with myself, I kind of jumped head first into everything without even stopping to think about what I am really passionate about. The past 4 years I have done everything from newborns and families to events and weddings, and they have all had different styles whether it be portraiture or a more photo-journalistic style. I have been stretched in about a thousand directions, taking every client that comes my way, and I have kind of lost the passion that I had in the beginning. Being completely tired of feeling this, last weekend I sat down and really thought long and hard about what my passion is. I came up with this simple sentence:

I am passionate about capturing people in their element, doing what they love with the people they love.

What exactly does that mean? It means that I love being able to photograph people where they are most comfortable, capturing the details of their every day life or a special event. I love watching the interactions between friends and family as they laugh and mingle. I want to photograph someone doing what they are most passionate about whether it be cooking, entertaining, going on picnics, farming, getting married (!!) or simply having dinner with their family and reading bedtime stories. I long to be able to capture the details of someone's life or event and have shots that make a fluid story when viewed.

The past week I have talked to numerous people about this vision, from my hubby and my family to our good friends and some of my fellow photographer friends. I was a little nervous about how people would react to this change, but was pleasantly surprised by the extremely positive feedback I got on my idea. It was confirmation that this is what I am supposed to be doing.

So what does this mean for sessions in the future?

I'm so glad you asked! The lifestyle side is going to be just Senior sessions will stay the way they are (because I absolutely adore doing those), but most other sessions are no longer going to be posing in a place that isn't significant to the client. I want to capture the beauty and essence of the life that people actually live whether it be a family, individual, or group of friends. Because of this, most sessions will either take place in the home of my client, or the environment that pertains to the session. One of the biggest changes being made is I am going to be a lot more selective about the family sessions that I take, and I will also no longer be doing newborn sessions. Events, weddings, engagements, and bridals will be as they have been. Especially since weddings/events are already more of the "photo-journalistic" style.

When does this all start?

That is a great question. For sessions, all of my family sessions for the fall will be as they have been in the past. However, I will not be doing a Christmas special this year since I am going to be focusing a lot of my time on rebuilding my portfolio. Because I am finally starting to discover who I am (took me long enough, right?) and what my passion/style is, the rebranding has been pushed back a little bit. I don't have a definitive answer when it comes to the exact date my sites will be completely up and launched, but I have some exciting things in the works and I will keep the updates coming! I want to make sure that the brand I am choosing is something that I am 100% confident in and reflects who I am as well as my new style.

This is definitely all a little (or maybe  a lot!) scary for me. I feel like I am almost starting over when it comes to my portfolio, and the rebranding process can be so terrifying. However, I know that this is what the Lord has been calling me to do, so I want to be obedient (and I am excited to do so!). I am so pumped about what the future holds and the people that I am going to get to capture. I am excited to tell stories with the talents I have been given and truly be passionate about my work.

To give you a little idea of the kind of family sessions I am wanting to do, check out the session I did last year with Donna+Evans.

I would love to know any thoughts/questions that may come up about this change! Feel free to either comment them below or shoot me an email (can be found in "contact")!