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Friday Favorites | Rigby

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Since we have had our sweet pup for a week now, I figured it would be fun to introduce him to the world on today's Friday Favorites! I have grown up with dogs my entire life, so getting a dog has been on the top of my list for a while. Will's rule has always been that we can get a dog when we have a yard. Well...since we bought a house a couple of months ago --and have a lovely yard for a sweet dog to play in-- we decided to go ahead and get a puppy! We knew we either wanted a black lab or a golden retriever, so when we saw an ad for some lovely golden retrievers in the Austin classifieds, we jumped on it! So last Friday we drove to Elgin to pick a puppy (I was beyond excited!). As we entered the backyard where the puppies were being kept, one puppy in particular kept coming up to us to be pet and played naturally, we chose him!

Rigby. We got his name from the Beatles song "All the Lonely People," and I think it fits him perfectly. Rigby is a gorgeous blonde, gold color and is actually incredibly calm for a puppy (although he definitely has his moments!). It's so crazy that even after only a week he is already learning so much. So excited to have a little bundle of joy running around...and a cute one at that!