Friday Favorites | Los Angeles Part 1

Today's Friday Favorites is coming to you a little later today because...well...we got a puppy!! But...that is a topic for another day. TODAY...I am excited to share part 1 of my adventures in Los Angeles! As I mentioned in my blog about Bottega Louie, my parents and I went to visit my brother in LA a couple of weeks ago (unfortunately, my hot hubs had to work and wasn't able to come). My brother is getting his masters in Architecture at UCLA and is one of the most brilliant people on the planet (although I am somewhat biased). Chris and I have always been pretty close (excluding those clawing and wrestling fights that we had as children), so getting to see him is always something that I look forward to for months in advance. One of my favorite parts of our LA trip was getting to spend half a day with him. It was so fun getting to see places that he regularly visits and kind of see how he lives life. He took me to some places he buys succulents (he has a pretty impressive collection), where I completely fell head-over-heels in love with pretty much every succulent I saw; we had some awesome shaved ice that was more like ice cream; we explored Venice and had some espresso while window shopping; he took me to this awesome coffee/bike/surf shop that felt like walking into a movie...and best of all, we rode everywhere on his awesome motorcycle. The pics included in this blog were from the first day that I rode his bike, and freaked out probably wouldn't come close to the fear that I had when I first hopped on. However, the day that Chris and I hung out, I had so much fun riding it that I told Will he could buy one if he saved up for one (Lord help me).

Exploring with Chris was wonderful. I loved seeing what he sees on a daily basis, pretending to be a local, and just getting to hang out with my older broski.