Friday Favorites | Bottega Louie

As some of you may know, this past week I went to visit my brother in Los Angeles. Because Chris has lived in LA for about 2 year now, he knows some of the best places to eat, and because of that, I am pretty sure that 70% of our time was spent stuffing our faces with deliciousness. Chris had been talking about this place called "Bottega Louie" that was close to his office and how I would love it because of how "cutesy" it was  on the inside. However, I was not prepared for the particular level of cuteness that I witnessed as I walked through the doors. I had entered macaron heaven. There were macaron pyramids covered in every delicious flavor that you can imagine and pink and green packages of delicious chocolates covered the shelves. I seriously didn't even know what to do with  myself. I think I stood at the door with my mouth dropped open for a good 30 seconds before I was pushed aside by the gazillion other people in there.

After I had composed myself, we each ordered a macaron and sat in almost complete silence as we indulged in our tasty treats. I haven't had a huge number of macarons in my lifetime, but I can tell you one tastebuds were exceptionally happy after eating my scrumptious raspberry macaron. I of course had to buy about 10 more to bring home and share with Will as well as some Bottega Louie coffee.

The morning after I got home, Will and I sat at our coffee table in the living room and ate our macarons (slightly squished from being in my suitcase) and sipped our coffee. Bottega Louie is hands down my favorite place to go for macarons and also wins for cutest decorating ever in my book. I don't think I will ever take a trip to LA again without walking in to macaron heaven.