Friday Favorites | Lick Ice Creams

LickSuch a short, clever name for only the best ice cream in Austin. Some of our friends told us about Lick, and we completely fell in love with just one taste. Their flavors change with the seasons, and all of their ice cream is made with ingredients from local Austin farmers, giving it a fresh and amazing taste. My personal favorite flavor is cilantro lime, but they have a lot of other "crazier" flavors such as goat cheese with thyme and honey (Will loves this one) and roasted beets with fresh mint. I'm telling you people, this ice cream is to die for. I introduced my friend Jesslynn to Lick yesterday and indulged in some honey peaches and rosemary, lemon lavender, and cilantro lime. Jesslynn became an instant Lick is nearly impossible not to! So...for a fun summer treat, stop by Lick on South Lamar. I promise it will be a worth-while, refreshing experience!