Friday Favorites | Thankful


The past couple of weeks have been rough ones. I feel like there are times when things go by smoothly and other times when it feels like you are in the middle of an earthquake. The past couple of weeks have felt like the latter. Although these times aren't the most fun, the Lord has been continually pressing into me that He is in control. I may not know right now what His plans are in everything, but I have to trust that what He says is true.

I have also been reminded that even on difficult days, there is still so much to be thankful for. I take for granted the little daily things that the Lord has provided Will and me with. So this morning I compiled a list of these things (this is only scratching the surface):

- Watching Jimmy Fallon and eating ice cream with Will - Hot tea on rainy days - Getting to photograph happy people - Playing "Fish Bowl" with our awesome community of friends - Sweaty Yoga - Parents who love Downton Abbey - Laughter - Phone conversations with my brother - Pretty wildflowers

What are some daily things that you are thankful for?