Introducing Friday Favorites!

I am so excited to start my new weekly blog post titled "Friday Favorites!" For a while now I have been trying to brainstorm ways to help my current clients and future clients get to know me a little better, and what better way than sharing my favorite things?! My favorite things range from little things like my favorite pencil (yes, I have a favorite pencil) all the way to big things such as today's parents. I figured the best way to kick things off was to introduce two of my most favorite people in all the world. They also happen to be the two people that brought me into this world in the first place! I can honestly say with all my heart that I absolutely adore my parents. Not going to lie, I didn't always feel this way (just ask my parents about my teenage years), but over the years they have become two of my very  best friends. My dad is one of the most caring, tender, and discerning men I know, and my mom is sweet yet spunky and wise. So basically, they are perfect for each other. I feel very blessed to have been raised in such a loving home by such loving parents who have supported me whole heartedly in my decisions (including the nutty decision to start a photography business..hehe!).

Mom, Dad, thanks for being awesome! I'm so thankful for the example that you have set and the love you have shown. Oh...and thanks for being wonderful models for these photos!