The Tree Hunt | Personal

This weekend, Will and I went on our 2nd annual tree hunt at the Elgin Christmas Tree Farm! I think we had both been looking forward to this ever since last Christmas ended. So Saturday morning, we woke up, got ready, and headed out with Christmas music blasting all the way to Elgin. Last year after we had chopped down our (somewhat pitiful) tree, we learned where all the "good" trees were, so this year we knew exactly where to go. I think we would definitely fall in the category of "over enthusiastic Christmas lovers" because we were basically prancing from tree to tree. And I of course had to capture every moment, so I am sure that we were the entertainment for a few onlookers. I feel like we looked at about a million trees until we found the PERFECT tree nestled among a few not-so-perfect trees. There was even a grasshopper living in our tree (sorry little grasshopper for taking your  home!) and a lot of little pinecones. After Will snapped a shot of me hugging the tree, we sawed that sucker down and Will --being the strong man that he is-- carried it to get shaken and measured. Then, it was off to tie our 7-foot tree to the car, and we were on the road again! It was another successful tree hunt for the Scott family! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are having way too much fun preparing for the holidays!