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Jeff+Emily | The Proposal

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A couple of weeks ago my husband, Will, got a call from our good friend, Jeff saying that he was going to be proposing to his girlfriend, Emily, in the next couple of weeks. Now, the last time we saw Jeff was at a going away party right before he moved to Nashville. This was also our first time to meet Emily, and I immediately thought she was way cute and way sweet. Needless to say, Will and I were practically doing a jig when we found out Jeff was going to propose. And when I found out that Jeff wanted me to photograph the proposal, my jig turned into a straight up happy dance! Will and I met up with Jeff the day before the proposal to go over all the details. Emily didn't even know that Jeff was in town! This was going to be a huge surprise. On their last day in Austin (before Jeff moved to Nash), Emily and Jeff did all kinds of fun, Austin-y things...including going to the Capitol, so this is where Jeff decided he wanted to propose. I have always had a love for the Capitol, so I was thrilled!

On the night of the event, I had three jobs: place rose petals around a bench, stay hidden, and capture the moment. The minute Jeff sent me a text saying "parked", I frantically started placing rose petals around a bench, and my heart simultaneously started pounding so fast I could have sworn I was having a heart attack. Then I dashed toward a tree and stayed put until they arrived at the bench. I kind of felt like a secret agent while having to be so stealthy.

Jeff and Emily talked for a couple of minutes on the bench, and then Jeff got down on one knee. Although I couldn't hear what was being said, I knew Emily's response by the sweet embrace and happy smiles from Jeff that followed. After Jeff waved at me and I emerged from behind the tree, we took some photos on the steps of the Capitol (just slightly better lit than the bench! HA!). These two are absolutely the cutest! It made me smile to see how giddy with excitement they were. I am so SO happy for these two!!