A Moment to Cherish | Bridal Reveal | Elizabeth

I am so excited to share this sweet, sweet moment from Elizabeth+Justin's wedding a little over a week ago. I had contemplated just putting these photos in with the upcoming wedding post, but decided that this was too special of a moment. It calls for it's own separate blog entry. When I met up with Elizabeth and her mom during the  pre-wedding meeting, they told me that they wanted me to capture Elizabeth's dad seeing her for the first time. No one else would be in the room. Just Elizabeth and her parents (and me of course!). I started tearing up thinking about it in the meeting! On the big day, when the moment came, it was one of the sweetest things I have ever experienced at a wedding. Elizabeth's dad is one of the sweetest men I have ever come in contact with, and to see this loving, caring father embrace his only daughter with tears streaming down his face was absolutely precious. As Elizabeth's dad told her how proud he was and that she was the "most beautiful bride there ever was", there were tears shed from everyone....including me.

I feel so blessed that I was able to witness this beautiful moment between father and daughter.