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Brady's Birthday Bash | Personal

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Will and my really good friend, Brady turned a whopping 27 years old on October 1st, so of course, we had to celebrate.Home Slice Pizza on South Congress was to be where the part-ay would take place. We headed out to the back patio to play some ping pong and hang out while waiting for our table....and open presents. Now, if you knew our friends, you would know that absolutely nothing good/serious could come from opening presents on one's the presents received were not a shock to is a list:

-A fake tattoo sleeve from Trey -A Hannah Montana card and Bubble Tape from Will and I (mind you, I had nothing to do with this!) - Overcooked cookies and undercooked cookies from Laura and Casey "if you eat them together, it's perfect!"-Laura

Aaron being the great friend he is gave an actual legit present and gave Brady the new Switchfoot CD. He is now the favorite.

After downing about 4 pizzas among the 9 of us, we decided to head to Gordough's on South Lamar. As Casey put it "We might as well just drink a gallon of grease." But we didn't care. If you haven't been to Gordough's, you are missing out! It is basically donuts on steroids. I can't even explain how delightful it is to indulge in one of their delicious tasty treats, you just need to go see for yourself.

All in all it was a super-fabulous birthday bash. I absolutely love the friends we have and couldn't ask for a better group to hang with.