My Life in Instagram | Personal

Recently, I have discovered the wonderful iPhone App called Instagram. To say that I am a little addicted may be a bit of an understatement, but I just love being able to share my day to day life through photos and share them with my friends.So I have decided to put together a little summary of my life over the past couple of months and share it with the everyone.


1. Will and I started putting together our future apartment about a couple of weeks before our wedding, and we hung this awesome rustic door above our couch that we got at an antique shop in Hamilton, Texas.

2. I finally got my new camera! I had been wanting a Canon 5D Mark II for ages, and when it finally arrived at my door I let out a super girly shriek.

3. A little preview of our wedding favors. We made lanterns out of mason jars and tied these cute hearts around them!

4. I love me some Ray LaMontagne. He always seems to put me in a good mood.

5. "Can we get married on Saturday and disappear for a week?" -My lovely husband, Will

6. Will made me some pancakes and eggs! One of the many reasons I love him.

7. Editing a lovely family session! I had a blast doing this session in this family's home. I felt like I was getting the opportunity to photograph them during every day life.

8. Got a much needed manicure with my good friend, Paige. I am completely in love with this nail color!

9. These are all of my September clients! To say the least, it is going to be a super busy month.

10. I am IN LOVE with these bowls from Crate&Barrel and these measuring utensils from Anthropologie. I used them to make some delicious cookies for a get together with some friends.

11. Stole my man's hat! Will is in love with fedoras (and looks great in them), and I just had to steal his to mess with him a little!

12. My friend Laura is an AMAZING hairstylist and I helped her expand her portfolio a little bit by doing a super fun session with some pretty ladies! She did all of their hair, and it turned out amazing (I will be blogging about this session soon!).

13. I am addicted to Nutella after spending 3 months in Italy last year, and I found some behind the mugs! Made my entire day.

14. The weather cooled down for about a week here in Austin, so I took advantage of the nice weather change and rolled the windows down while blasting the radio

15. Had a lovely date night with Will about a week ago! We went to Torchy's and then the 360 overlook which is where we spent one of our first dates!

16. Sunsets are one of my most favorite things. Give me a good sunset and a camera and I will probably go crazy. This sunset totally blew my mind.